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Tolland, why do I love it so with its rolling green hills and hilltop views
Why do I love the Shenipsit Lake road; with curved bends and woods on end
Or Old Kent North and the old garnet mine, mysterious
Or Sweetheart Lake and Walker’s reservoir, places to be when peace is sought
Places to go when life’s stresses pull; places to be to watch the sun set.

Tolland, why do I love your people’s friendly waves, the Post Office greetings
where like Cheers everyone knows your name just like they do at Papa T’s.
Why do I love this place I call home, where we put up a mailbox in 1965
with an address like RF D #1?

I love the town where my children grew up,
went to school, graduated, and yes, after a few years away
came home again to marry, have children and send them to new schools which my taxes helped build.
Why do I love the  cemeteries and remember the many buried here like Jean, Lin, Ralph and Tom. Why do I mourn at the passing of life or the memory of love; why do I weep
when I touch your stone?

I am surrounded by friends but sometimes here I feel alone. Still, Tolland is home
and I love her; the stately trees, the church on the Green, the pristine pastures
the blue, blue skies. Oh Tolland, you are breath to me and home.
I never want to leave…It would be too sad; so very sad.

         ~Judith Goodman

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One Response to “Tolland”

  1. Barbara Cook says:

    Like all Judy’s poetry
    It makes me weep.

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