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New Volunteers Invited to a Tolland 300th Anniversary Meeting

Want to help put on Tolland’s largest party ever?

Residents interested in volunteering for the 300th anniversary celebration in 2015 are invited to attend a meeting Sept. 16 at 7:30 P.M. at the Tolland Recreation Center (formerly Parker Memorial School).

Through merchandise sales and business sponsorships, the committee has been successfully raising money for a series of events to be held between May 12, 2015—Tolland’s actual anniversary—and Sept. 19 of that year, when a large regional parade and townwide picnic will be held.

Volunteers are needed for the parade and picnic committees, but residents of all interests are welcome to help out.

For more information, call secretary Kate Farrish at 860-871-8089 or e-mail her at kate@tolland300.org.

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